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Environmental requirements for variable frequency screw air compressors

Issuing time:2023-04-13 08:39

The displacement of the variable frequency screw air compressor can be well combined with the user's gas consumption, completely preventing the loss of unloading power; In the state of intermittent gas consumption, the zero load effect of soft start prevents the peak of current and torque, so the unit can start and stop infinitely.

The unit will always adhere to a constant pressure supply of ± 0.1bar under the required pressure setting; When the gas consumption is high, the pressure remains constant while the rotational speed actively compensates to ensure the gas supply needs; When the gas consumption is small, the pressure remains constant while the rotational speed actively decreases to meet the only sufficient gas consumption.   

The variable frequency air compressor adopts advanced control, supervision, and communication systems. Through the internet, users can easily obtain technical assistance from suppliers around the world in a timely manner.

Variable frequency soft start prevents electrical shock and mechanical shock; Eliminate the unfavorable factors of long-term high-speed operation of the unit; No touch device to prevent electric touch problems; Eliminating the high overpressure of 2 bar reduces the probability of system leakage.

Energy conservation and environmental protection, equipment in place, and immediate use. Any Greenfield variable frequency unit does not require special installation of a foundation. The low speed electric fan and modern vibration and noise reduction methods make the noise of the Wuxi silent compressor very low during operation, making it convenient for users to place it on the production site. As long as the equipment is in place and the pipeline is connected quickly, it can be operated immediately.


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