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Procurement standards for oil-free air compressors

Issuing time:2023-04-13 08:42

Oil free air compressors and vortex air compressors are widely used and have many types. For general operations, we can choose oil injected air compressors. Therefore, for laboratory, food processing, biopharmaceutical, medical and other operations, we should choose compression machines? Is there oil or no oil?

How to choose an oil-free air compressor? Can we meet the required air quality standards?

Enterprises with high air quality requirements for general operations require oil-free screw air compressors, which have the following characteristics:

1、 Stable operation performance

1. For example, laboratory operating pressure: Most air compressors used in the laboratory have a pressure range of 0-8 BAR (approximately 0-8 kilograms), which meets the pressure requirements of general experimental equipment.

2. Requirements for safe and stable gas consumption: The stable and continuous exhaust volume (usually indicated by L/MIN) refers to the gas flow rate in liters per minute under the rated operating pressure. The air compressor needs to ensure a stable and continuous gas flow during the gas supply process, so the safety requirements for air compressor operation are high.

2、 High quality compressed air

The entire operation process of the oil-free air compressor does not require the addition of air compressor oil, and only simple pure water is required to maintain smoothness, resulting in a very high quality of compressed air discharged.

Therefore, choosing an oil-free air compressor is a guarantee of high-quality compressed air demand.

3、 Choose a silent air compressor

The noise level of the air compressor used in general experiments is controlled at around 60 decibels. If it is ensured that the operators have a relatively quiet working environment, it is recommended to choose an air compressor with a noise level of around 50 decibels.

4、 Safe operation and concise operation

The air compressor needs to meet the safety requirements and pass relevant national certifications, such as ISO9001, pressure vessel certification, and international CE certification.

Features of oil-free screw air compressor:

1. Structure without smooth oil: All systems of the oil-free screw air compressor have no oil involved, and the selected smoothing agent is water, providing breathable compressed air.

2. Isothermal compression of aspiration: Because the cooling function of water is much higher than that of air compressor oil, the operating temperature of the oil-free screw air compressor is only 40 ℃, close to the suction temperature, achieving high efficiency and isothermal compression of aspiration.

3. Real environmental efficiency is high: there is no smooth oil, that is, no oil pollution; High precision water filter can filter and purify multiple layers to ensure the pure quality of smooth water. The pure water used in oil-free air compressors has three major functions: sealing, cooling, and smoothing. The gas production per horsepower is 20% higher than that of ordinary dry compressors.

4. O-level oil-free certification.

Oil free compressor is widely used in food, biopharmaceutical, laboratory research, and other fields that require high quality gas. Intelligent IoT control allows you to worry and rest assured.


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