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How to maximize the efficiency of air compressors

Issuing time:2023-04-13 08:43

We all know that Jiangsu dry oil-free screw is an indispensable equipment in various engineering projects, and its energy consumption expenditure is also a significant expense. Properly used, it saves energy consumption and electricity bills. So, how can air compressors achieve high power?

1. Familiarize yourself with the user manual:

Before using the air compressor, it is necessary to carefully read the air compressor operation manual and familiarize yourself with the types and parameters of the air compressor

2. Ventilation and heat dissipation:

To effectively save electricity, users need to pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of the air compressor room. If the ambient temperature of the air compressor room is too high, it is equivalent to reducing the power of the air compressor, reducing the exhaust volume, and increasing energy consumption. Every 100 ° C increase in ambient temperature is equivalent to a 3% decrease in compressor power.

3. The computer room is clean and tidy:

In addition, the air compressor room should be kept clean and tidy. The environment of the air compressor room is too dirty, which can easily cause clogging of the filters, oil filters, and oil gas separators of the air compressor. The lubricating oil accelerates pollution and is replaced repeatedly.

4. Regular maintenance:

Regularly maintain the air compressor and try to use original accessories as much as possible. If the air compressor is not properly maintained or not maintained for a long time, small problems will accumulate into major faults, and the lifespan of the machine will be artificially shortened.

5. The air compressor should converge as much as possible to supply air:

If the air compressor is scattered and equipped throughout the factory, and the pipelines are independent, it will not only increase the cost of purchasing, but also increase the cost of pipeline maintenance and work. Especially if the pipeline leakage is severe and not detected in a timely manner, it is considered that there is a shortage of gas consumption, and a new air compressor is purchased to supplement the missing gas consumption, which constitutes waste. Based on a leakage point of 7 kg/cm2 g and 10 mm, assuming that the electricity fee is 1 yuan/kWh, 8000 hours per year will waste 320000 yuan of electricity fee.


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