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Environmental requirements for maintenance of oil-free air compressors

Issuing time:2023-04-13 08:45

Oil free air compressors can be understood literally as cold machinery and are used in many factories. Most people know that the factory environment is not very good. As an important oil-free air compressor in factories, what is the demand for good production?

1. Temperature requirements: Oil free air compressor operation is based on atmospheric pressure. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the lower the displacement of the oil-free air compressor, and the lower the exhaust temperature, it is difficult to control.

If the ambient temperature is extremely high, so there is less air pressure, the function of an oil-free air compressor cannot be played. Therefore, where to choose an oil-free air compressor, its temperature needs to be less than 40 degrees Celsius. Once the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, the oil free air compressor will not operate. But it cannot be too low, because if the temperature is below 0 ° C, it is likely to cause condensation of water ice.

The large exhaust temperature of oil-free air compressor units in general systems is 100 ° C, and systems exceeding 100 ° C cut off the power supply. There are many reasons for the high exhaust temperature of oil-free air compressors, but the common cause of oil cooler failure. The fins of the air cooled oil cooler are covered in dust, and the cold air cannot freely pass through the cooling oil. The temperature gradually rises, resulting in high-temperature service.

So every once in a while, it is necessary to use low-pressure air to remove dust from shark fins. If the blockage cannot blow clean the fins, use clean liquid or clean solvents. 2. Air humidity: We all know that the higher the air humidity, the higher the water content in the air compressor with high operating pressure and oil-free air. Therefore, a good working environment with low air humidity requirements will definitely improve the lighting effect.

A good place for lighting can be convenient and reduce the internal retrieval, repair, and installation of oil-free air compressors. 3. Humidity in the air, ventilation: The environmental quality of a well ventilated place, air cooling oil-free air compressors, directly affects the quality of ventilation and service life of oil-free air compressors. 4, The good quality of cooling water: The quality of cooling water (pH value, hardness, etc.) in water-cooled oil-free air compressors will seriously affect their cooling effect, thereby affecting the efficiency of oil-free air compressors.


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