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How to Choose an Oil Free Air Compressor Correctly

Issuing time:2023-04-13 08:46

Today, Sobek Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. in Wuxi tells you how to correctly select oil-free air compressor.

1. The type of air compressor should be selected based on the air flow rate under the additional pressure of the equipment. The flow demand of the selected oil-free air compressor is slightly higher than the required flow, which limits the leakage of some pipeline joints and causes the flow to not keep up, resulting in pressure not meeting the demand. The units of gas flow are usually m3/h (cubic meter/hour) and L/min (liter/minute).

2. With the increasing awareness of health and environmental protection among people, many equipment are becoming more and more finely crafted, which puts forward higher requirements for the air compressors that supply air sources for these equipment. Therefore, the application planning of oil-free air compressors is becoming increasingly broad. Please first acknowledge the specific requirements of the equipment for air source quality and installation environment. Assuming that the requirements are not high and do not care about whether the gas is oil-free, you can consider choosing some general industrial compressors with high noise and lubricating oil molecules in the exhaust air based on the principle of cost saving; On the contrary, it is necessary to purchase oil-free air compressors.

3. Nowadays, the main engine of oil-free air compressors adopts micro reciprocating piston compressors. Assuming it is not of this type, it can be determined that this type of air compressor does not belong to oil-free air compressors, and the air quality cannot meet the requirements of oil-free air compressors.

4. Is the parameter identification of the air compressor present and correct. The parameters identified according to foreign conventions include metric units and American units. It depends on whether the selected parameter identification is accurate. Manufacturers with simple parameter identification are either unable to conduct such technical parameter inspections due to the lack of relevant testing equipment, or some parameters do not meet universal technical standards. Therefore, when selecting, it is recommended that users require the manufacturer to provide detailed parameters in order to make the correct choice.


When the skills are not yet mature, most enterprises use oil-free piston machines. However, due to their high noise, the application range has limitations. In this pollution-free industrial era, medical oil-free air compressors meet the requirements of industrial opening. For many oil-free air compressor manufacturers, it is not only about dealing with noise issues, but also about energy consumption and repair costs.

Because these new oil-free air compressor factories have the following characteristics:

The use and maintenance of oil-free air compressors are relatively simple, and there is no need to spend too much time protecting them. In addition to considering the above two requirements, we also need to consider the noise situation of the equipment when choosing. We received a phone call a few days ago, where the user came to consult with the manufacturer of the oil-free air compressor. They reported that the dynamic operation of the air compressor they just bought from another company had a significant impact on normal operation, and they wanted to replace it with a new one.

2. The standards for the air inlet of many devices are different. Our air outlet standard is for an outer diameter of 8mm, especially for 6mm, 10mm, 14mm, etc. After selection, we need to recognize the standards for the air outlet;

3. The oil-free air compressor equipment itself does not contain oily substances, and maintenance does not require the addition of lubricating oil, greatly improving air quality. It has strict requirements for the exhaust quality of users and ensures security for subsequent equipment. Unlike oil compressors, which clean many oil molecules, it not only causes varying degrees of corrosion to the equipment, but also has a certain impact on the surrounding environment when the discharged oil is lost.

How do you feel after reading the above content? That's all for today's introduction. If you have any needs or questions, please feel free to consult our specialist.


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