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Medium pressure oil-free screw air compressor (SH series PET professional)


       Characteristics of oil-free screw air compressor:

    1.Durable host: dual stage integrated host, third-generation asymmetric rotor technology; Suitable for medium pressure compression ratio matching, with high volumetric efficiency; The bearing adopts heavy-duty bearings, and the rotor bears good force;


     2. The two stage rotors are driven by helical gears respectively, ensuring that each stage rotor has a good linear speed; Adopting a large rotor and low speed design, with low noise and vibration;


    3. Permanent magnet motor, energy-saving, IP54, Bclass temperature rise suitable for harsh environments such as large dust and high temperatures;


    4. Coupling connection, more energy-efficient;

    5. Multiple noise reduction design, calculated based on noise theory, with dedicated flame-retardant and sound-absorbing cotton inside to reduce unit noise and provide a quieter usage environment;


    6.Independent air intake, reducing intake resistance, multifunctional intake valve group, no load start, small motor load, using high-efficiency filters to effectively filter particulate matter in the air;


    7. Centrifugal fan with high-pressure resistant plate fin cooler features high air pressure, low noise, independent external air suction, and specially designed air duct for upward exhaust to prevent hot air backflow; The plate fin cooler has high heat transfer efficiency and low internal pressure loss, allowing for sufficient oil heat exchange without a heat zone;


    8. The oil and gas barrel developed according to the medium and high pressure working conditions can achieve good coarse separation effect under various working conditions; After customized secondary separation of oil separation cores, the oil content of the air behind is not greater than 3ppm;


    9. The conventional maintenance components (three filters) are all equipped with openable door panels, which are easy to install and maintain; 10. Specially designed main engine oil supply system, stable oil supply pressure, more stable unit operation, and longer service life.


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