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Low pressure oil-free energy-saving screw air compressor (SL series 0.2MPa-0.6MPa)


Features of oil-free screw air compressor:

1. Durable host: Stable performance;

2. Permanent magnet motor, energy-saving, IP54, B-class temperature rise suitable for harsh environments such as large dust and high temperatures;

3. Coupling connection, more energy-efficient;

4. Multiple noise reduction design, calculated based on noise theory, with dedicated flame-retardant and sound-absorbing cotton inside to reduce unit noise and provide a quieter usage environment;

5. Independent air intake for better cooling effect;

6. Low pressure special cooler, together with low noise centrifugal fan, has large cooling air flow, low noise, faster cooling effect, and convenient cleaning and maintenance;

7. Low pressure dedicated cyclone type internal and external oil separation barrel design, improving initial separation efficiency, combined with dedicated low pressure oil separation core, low pressure loss, better separation effect, reduced air oil content, and long service life;

8. The conventional maintenance components (three filters) are all equipped with openable door panels, which are easy to install and replace, making maintenance more convenient;

9. Specially designed main engine oil supply system, stable oil supply pressure, more stable unit operation, and longer service life;

10. High temperature shutdown protection;

11. Motor overload protection;

12. Overpressure safety decompression system;

13. Optimize shock absorbers to reduce vibration and noise;

14. Placing electrical components and oil separation and filtration modules that are easily damaged by high temperatures in a cold chamber improves the service life of the unit;

15. Two pressure channels and one temperature control channel provide more protection for the operation of the series.


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