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Medium pressure screw air compressor (ZY series)


Eight major features of oil-free screw air compressors

1.Original large rotor noise reduction host system

2. Three phase asynchronous motor with F-class insulation and B-class temperature rise

3. Using a 5.5 inch color screen intelligent control system

4. Using disc and fully closed intake valves, fully automatic energy-saving regulation and control can be achieved

5. Multiple separation effects, external oil separation, easy replacement

6. Adopting a new fast hard steel pipeline connection scheme with flexible connection technology, pipeline anti shrinkage, expansion, and vibration resistance

7. Large cooler, faster cooling effect, Not connected to the cooling fan, easy to clean and maintain.

8. Upper exhaust design, utilizing a hot exhaust system for heat dissipation


Durability and longevity of compressors

The core of each screw compressor is the compressor host, which can be equipped with high-precision screw milling, grinding and other processing equipment for new CNC machining centers. With advanced technological processes and the use of high-quality materials and high-precision detection methods, each part is guaranteed to have high accuracy. The precision grinding of screw profiles is combined with a multi-step rotor control process managed by computer operation to ensure the precision of the rotor contour.


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