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Oil free energy-saving screw air compressor (APM series 5.5KW-250KW)


Features of oil-free screw compressors:

1. Durable host: Stable performance;

2. IE3 motor, saving your electricity bills, IP54, B-level temperature rise suitable for large dust and high temperature environments;

3. Coupling connection, more energy-efficient;

4. Multiple noise reduction design, calculated based on noise theory, with dedicated flame-retardant and silencing cotton inside to reduce unit noise, providing a quieter usage environment;

5. Independent air intake for better cooling effect;

6. The integrated cooler integrates oil cooling and aftercooling, using an efficient and low-noise inner rotor axial flow machine, with a large cooling airflow, low noise, faster cooling effect, and convenient cleaning and maintenance;

7、The cyclone type internal and external oil separation barrel design improves the initial separation efficiency, while the winding type oil separation design reduces damage, reduces air oil content, and has a long service life;

8. The conventional maintenance components (three filters) are all equipped with openable door panels, which are easy to install and replace, making maintenance more convenient;

9. High temperature shutdown protection;

10. Motor overload protection;

11. Overpressure safety decompression system;

12. Optimize shock absorbers to reduce vibration and noise;

13. Placing electrical components and oil separation and filtration modules that are easily damaged by high temperatures in a cold chamber improves the service life of the unit;

14. Two pressure channels and one temperature control channel provide more protection for the operation of the series;

15. The Internet of Things system allows you to see the operation of the machine on your phone.


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