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Oil free screw air compressor (A series 5.5KW)


The energy consumption of oil-free screw air compressors is very low.

1) Due to the suction boosting effect and the lack of spare capacity, the volumetric power of the screw air compressor air compressor can reach over 98%.

2) Due to the gradual compression of several working cavities, the pressure difference between adjacent working cavities is very small, so there is naturally very little leakage. A compression process is compressed in several cycles, resulting in a high thermal efficiency.

3) There are no suction or exhaust valves, so the resistance loss of the intake and exhaust is almost zero. The friction and wear without movement organization and high mechanical power are the primary factors that greatly save energy for screw air compressors compared to other air compressors. For example, a screw air compressor with a capacity of 20HP15KW can work for 6000 hours per year, saving up to 18000 yuan in electricity bills.   

The maintenance cost is very low. The host has fewer parts and fewer vulnerable parts, greatly reducing the possibility of parts replacement. Replacing parts together has a long cycle, convenient use, low maintenance workload, and low maintenance costs.


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