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Oil free screw air compressor (A series)


The characteristic of oil-free compressors is high reliability.

1) The main components of the screw air compressor are limited, accounting for 1/8 of the number of piston machines. The significant reduction in components is a major factor in product reliability.

2) The turning radius is small, and the linear speed is only 2m/s, resulting in low wear, high mechanical power, and low oscillation.

3) A scientifically controlled overall system ensures the stability of the product.  

The noise is very low.

1) Due to the lack of suction and exhaust valves, as well as the disorderly movement organization, the knocking sound of valve plates and the explosion sound of airflow are eliminated, resulting in a sharp decrease in noise.

2) Continuous and stable suction and exhaust, with over 6000 times per minute, resulting in minimal airflow pulsation.

3) A 20HP (15KW) screw air compressor requires only 62dBA of noise, making it suitable for use anywhere, saving costs, and more in line with environmental requirements.


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