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Process gas explosion-proof series oil-free screw air compressor


ST series special and process gas compressors:

utilizing the characteristics of SOBEK (fifth generation) water-jet oil-free screw machines: close to the low-temperature characteristics of isothermal compression (host temperature less than 60 ℃);

The truly all stainless steel host (the host screw and host shell are made of stainless steel material) has corrosion resistance characteristics;

Efficient fully sealed system (using imported mechanical seals and labyrinth seals) with no leakage of physical properties;There is no metal to metal contact during the operation of the compression chamber in the host;

The use of purified water for sealing, lubrication, and cooling can better meet the requirements of various gas compressors, especially those that require explosion-proof type compressors; Various specifications and varieties of compressors can be customized according to customer requirements.


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